Contact Bruce

Thanks for your interest. To save everyone oodles of time, Bruce has a few guidelines for considering employment requests. First and foremost, only serious offers will be considered. Anything jokey, clever or insulting will be ignored. If you would like to hire Bruce as an actor, please make sure that your project is fully-funded and that you are a signatory to the Screen Actors Guild. If you don't know what "signatory" means, you'd better come back when you do. First time directors need not inquire.

Similarly, if you are interested in Bruce for a personal appearance, please make sure that you are affiliated with a well-established convention company. And a little FYI, Bruce does not "do" weddings, funerals, store openings (or closings), senior proms, phone messages, happy birthday/Christmas calls, personal meetings, graduations, or car washes. If your request does not fall into any of these categories, feel free to "pitch" your notion below and Bruce will respond accordingly.

With regard to signing photos sent through the mail, or sending out autographs, Bruce has a longstanding policy of only signing items in person and makes himself available at numerous conventions every year. Meeting fans in person is a lot more fun anyway, so keep an eye on the home page for upcoming events and get some stuff signed!

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